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Strategy: Learning Beyond the Classroom

24/7 access to resources to provide Learners more autonomy over when they learn


Lindsay High School Learners are allowed to take home devices and have access to Empower and learning resources at home. Their community-wide Wi-Fi initiative provides Wi-Fi to over 75% of students, with the goal of reaching 100% by fall 2016. All Learners are able to progress through their learning objectives independently, allowing those that are behind to get ahead and those who want to move faster to do so. Lindsay Unified’s Learning Management System, Empower, has also been developed to be easy to understand, so Facilitators and Learners can share data with families.

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Photo of teacher standing and speaking with individual student seated at desk
Blended Model Type

Lindsay High School Primary Model Type: Individual Rotation

Lindsay Unified High School has adopted an individual rotation learning...

Explore More Integration Strategies at Lindsay High School