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Strategy: ReNEW DTA’s Primary Blended Model Type: Flex Model


The primary blended learning model at ReNEW’s Dolores T. Aaron Academy is the Flex Model, which, according to Christensen Institute, is “a course or subject in which online learning is the backbone of student learning, even if it directs students to offline activities at times. Students move on an individually customized, fluid schedule among learning modalities.” 

The large majority of student instruction occurs as students individually progress through learning pathways. The learning pathway reflects 8th Grade Math Standards in Louisiana, though students are able to choose the order and pace of progression through the pathway. Students receive a great deal of support through other students, either in-person or watching videos created by other students. The teacher also provides support as-needed, in addition to providing some direct instruction throughout the day.

ReNEW DTA is part of the Blended Learning Universe, an effort from the Christensen Institute to connect blended learning practitioners across the world. See ReNEW DTA's profile here.

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