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Strategy: Supports for Pacing

Multiple opportunities to help Learners stay on-pace


While Learners are able to move at their own pace at Lindsay High School, there is an expectation that they will complete a certain amount of content within a given year. Facilitators have set pacing benchmarks for Learners to know whether they are on pace, ahead, or behind. For those that are behind, there are many options to help them catch up. Learners are often able to catch up on coursework during Personalized Learning Time. In addition to offering remediation opportunities in class, Facilitators also rotate staying after school for Learners that need extra time to catch up. Lastly, Facilitators often build extra time into the end of the year to provide Learners with one final opportunity to get back on pace for the year.

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Student Choice and Agency

Learner Choice as to How To Demonstrate Higher-Level Mastery

Learners electing to demonstrate advanced mastery can often choose how to do so.

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Support for Self-Directed Learning

Capacity Matrix as a Pacing Guide

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Customized Playlists to Keep Learners on Track

Facilitators create playlists aligned with learning standards.

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Reading Interventions

Lindsay High School uses daily reading interventions.

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Student Choice and Agency

Learner Choice of Mastery Level

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Student Choice and Agency

Learner Choice of Learning Resources

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Flexible Resource Allocation

Additional Individual Personalized Learning Time

Learners have twice-weekly Personalized Learning Time (PLT).