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COVID-19 Quick View: Remote/Hybrid Learning Guidance & Resources

How Students' Learning Pathways Can Evolve at Lindsay

Teacher Marla Earnest explains how English language learners can exit the program once their gaps are filled.


Transcript: Marla Earnest: I've had a couple of learners completely finish up all of their gaps in learning in ELD. And they'll be exiting the program next year. So they – I actually had one learner who started and she just came to the country in January, she's from China. She has worked through all of her gaps in the newcomer kind of phase of things. And she's now working in the emerging side. So she's actually got to a point where she can speak fluently with us. She still has some vocabulary issues but for the most part she can talk to all of her learning facilitators and her classmates with no issues at all. And now she's working on things like writing and grammar. So that's a really neat thing to watch that progress.