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At The Learning Accelerator, we envision a world in which every child receives the effective, engaging, and equitable education they need to reach their full and unique potential. Doing this requires that expert educators adopt teaching and learning practices that personalize to each student’s unique needs, strengths, interests, and identities, focus on mastery of rigorous learning objectives, and enable whole-child development and growth.

This vision for learning is possible. This site explores concrete strategies in four key practice areas that educators can use to co-create experiences with students, bringing it to life in the context of their own classroom, school, and content area.

As an innovative approach, blended learning is a crucial lever for creating truly great schools for learners and educators. Each student, regardless of background, learning difference, or socioeconomic status, can attain the skills and mindsets needed to succeed in college and life. Educators, empowered with tools and supports they need to reach every child, become even more effective and professionally engaged.