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COVID-19 Quick View: Remote Learning Guidance & Resources

Assessment Initiated by Student

Students request assessments to demonstrate mastery and set pace of course


Students request assessments when they are ready to take them. This responsibility empowers students with control over the pace of their learning. Allowing students to determine when they are assessment-ready encourages greater ownership and reflection of their learning. It also reduces anxiety as students know they are ready for the assessment when they request it (as opposed to a time-based model, which is controlled by the educator).

Student Does

  • Determines whether they are ready to self-assess for learning objectives.
  • Progresses through more resources if not ready, takes learning objective assessment if ready.
  • Reviews unit progress within the Pathway section of their Student Dashboard.
  • Requests a unit assessment if ready, reviews necessary topics if not.

Teacher Does

  • Allows students to move at their own pace.
  • Allows students to self assess for learning objectives.
  • Reviews student progress to ensure students are making adequate progress.
  • Provides unit assessment.
  • Reviews unit assessment and compares to Pathway progress within the unit to see if additional support is needed.

Technology Does

  • Provides students with additional resources if they are not ready for a particular assessment.
  • Provides structure and progress tracking within the Student Pathway.

Weekly Student Planner
This is a sample weekly planning sheet from the Google version of the LPS student dashboard.

Student Dash: Pathway and Readiness
This is a sample student view of a learning pathway and their readiness data ontheir Google dashboard.

Student Data: Performance and Completion
This is a sample student view of a learning pathway and their readiness data on the Gooru platform.