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COVID-19 Quick View: Remote Learning Guidance & Resources

One-to-One Device Ratio

Providing every student with a laptop


Valor operates a 1:1 laptop program and allows 6th-8th grade students to bring their Chromebooks home. By providing out-of-school access to instructional content, Valor hopes to create opportunities for students to make great use of their time outside of school. This flexibility also pushes teachers to think about ways they may be able to extend learning for students who choose to engage in work outside of class. For example, students could progress through online content related to a certain learning objective, and practice data they generate could help teachers create more targeted instruction based on what the students mastered and missed.

Valor has been very thoughtful in the roll-out of the 1:1 device program. Students and parents must attend information sessions before they receive a device, ensuring expectations are clearly communicated across all stakeholders. Students, families, and teachers know that students are only supposed to use devices at home for school work, that the device should only be used by students (and not family members), and that students should come to school with a fully charged laptop. Students also know that these devices are a privilege and that bad behavior could lead to the loss of this privilege (during which time the student would complete paper versions of the online work).

Student Does

  • Takes Chromebook home.
  • Works on academic content at home (optional).

Teacher Does

  • Reviews online data from student work completed outside of class.
  • Adjusts instructional approach based on student data.

Technology Does

  • Enables students to receive instruction and practice outside of class.
  • Automatically grades formative assessments, providing instant data to teachers before the start of the next class.

Strategy Resources

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