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Partnership to Support Change

Working with LEAP Innovations to design and implement a blended learning model


Working with LEAP Innovations, Lovett has gained necessary tools to plan and implement their blended and personalized instructional model. In 2015, Lovett was selected to take part in LEAP’s Pilot Network, providing them with a series of workshops that helped them shift their focus away from selecting technology products and towards creating a more robust change in the instructional approach. Lovett was also selected to LEAP’s Breakthrough Schools program as a planning grantee in 2015. 

During the 2015-2016 school year, Lovett focused on boosting student agency through the creation of “Next Gen Classrooms” for a subset of their students. This approach combined earlier blended learning with LEAP’s Learner Led strategies focusing on student input and agency. LEAP provided them with a variety of workshops on foundational elements such as visioning, curriculum needs, schedules, and professional development focused on learning science and personalization practices. It also included monthly on-site coaching of teachers and robust research on the effectiveness of the pilot through Personalized Learning Teacher & Student Surveys, classroom observations, and data analysis. With year-round support from LEAP, Lovett’s pilots proved successful in terms of implementation and student outcomes. As a result, they decided to expand their work beyond student agency, identifying new ways to adapt their learning resources to better meet student needs and grow the work to more grades in the school.

In 2016, Lovett was selected as one of seven Breakthrough Schools to receive an additional $280,000 in implementation grant funds, which includes continued access to experts and workshops. LEAP has provided Lovett with implementation support and the resources needed to create a five year strategic plan designed to continually improve teaching and learning.