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Personalized Learning for English Language Development (ELD)

Offering additional support for ELD Learners in a performance-based system overview


As many Learners at Lindsay Unified School District and within Lindsay High School are English language learners, Facilitators adapt personalized structures to support English language development.

While most of the software LUSD uses within English Language Arts (ELA) is focused on developing content knowledge within the ELA standards, English Language Development (ELD) teachers are able to use it flexibly to meet additional California ELD standards for English language learners. While ELD students are able to show complex or advanced knowledge of ELA content standards (scored as a 3 or 4), their language acquisition is scored separately as Emerging, Bridging, or Expanding. ELD teachers are able to score students' content knowledge in the mastery-based system while providing meaningful feedback as to how they are progressing along the continuum of language acquisition.

Strategy Resources

Instructional Modifications for English Learners at Lindsay

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CA English Language Development (ELD) Standards

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