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Scaffolded Small Group Instruction

Targeting instruction to small groups of students throughout the week


Valor’s approach to math instruction intentionally creates more time for students in small groups. A common challenge for teachers is trying to backfill student knowledge gaps while also providing students with grade-level content. Valor teachers use small group instruction to help minimize this challenge. Small groups also allow teachers to scaffold grade-level content by providing remediation, on-target, and advanced instruction based on student needs. Students generally receive small group instruction one to three times per week during their math review class.

Student Does

  • Completes exit ticket, creating data that helps determine their small group.
  • Participates in small group instruction throughout the week.
  • Works on independent assignments when not participating in small group instruction (e.g., playlists).

Teacher Does

  • Reviews student data.
  • Determines topics, skill levels, and groupings based on student data.
  • Closely observes student work during small group learning by rotating around the room.
  • Provides individualized support to students in small groups, based on need.

Technology Does

  • Generates and houses student data.
  • Provides instructional opportunities for students not working in small groups.