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About This Project

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Since our founding, The Learning Accelerator’s belief has been that blended learning is an innovation with the potential to transform the education of millions of students in American K-12 schools. By using technology to help teachers and students more deeply understand and respond to individual needs, we think schools can better reach their goals: effective, equitable, and engaging learning for every student.

The Learning Accelerator’s Blended and Personalized Learning Practices at Work project is the culmination of over a year’s work exploring more than 100 schools and systems to identify places implementing blended and personalized learning. We interviewed over forty school and district teams and ended up visiting hundreds of classrooms at nearly 30 education organizations. Across all of these visits, we sought to understand how teachers and students were working together and we gathered data on instructional and operational practices. We have learned a lot.

Blended and Personalized Practices at Work codifies what we saw - both larger observations and patterns as well as specific school practices. Our goal is to help educators discover and share specific teaching and learning practices and explore real-world strategies to apply to their own practices today.

Thank You

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The TLA team is deeply thankful to the following organizations and individuals for their support of and engagement with this project:

  • School leaders and educators at our partner schools CICS West Belden and Distinctive Schools (particularly Scott Frauenheim and Colleen Collins)
  • Lindsay High School and Lindsay Unified School District (particularly Tom Rooney and Barry Sommer)
  • LPS Richmond and Leadership Public Schools (particularly Michael Fauteux)
  • Pleasant View Elementary (particularly Gara Field)
  • Dolores T. Aaron Academy and ReNEW Schools (particularly Nate Kellogg)
  • Roots Elementary (particularly Jonathan Hanover and Jill Tew)
  • Photographers Kara Coleen, Justine Corey-Whitehead, and Edward de Croce
  • Videographers Patrick Brown, Caleb Crosby, and Lee Strauss
  • Video editor Matt Clarke
  • Web development and design firm Good Dog Design (particularly Tom Gooden, Susie Shaw, and Eric Lindsey)
  • Consultant Morgan Camu

What do you think of this project? Do you have ideas to share or feedback? Please let us know by contacting TLA Partner Daniel Owens. Follow us @learningaccel #TLApractices