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Problems Of Practice

Looking for answers to specific problems? Explore concrete ways to address various challenges - not only the "what" but also the "why" and the "how" - in the collection below.

Station Rotation

How do I set up a station rotation model in my classroom?

Interested in implementing stations and not sure where to start? This guide will give you tangible resources and research, with key insights and strategies around culture, space, and routines. 

How do I deepen differentiation and personalization within a station rotation model?

Currently implementing stations and thinking “now what?” This guide will give you resources around how adding more flexibility of movement, timing, strategic data use, and varied groupings will allow for greater differentiation, personalization, and...

How do I develop student ownership and accountability in a station rotation model?

Implementing a station rotation model requires intentional accountability systems to develop student ownership and ensure student success. This guide will go through strategies for developing student ownership through choice, habits, and student...

Supporting Diverse Learners

How do I strategically instruct diverse learners in a personalized learning classroom?

How do you ensure that your instruction is supporting your diverse learners effectively? Have you looked at ways to crosswalk students' IEPs with your current Learner Plans, engaged educators to collaborate around strategic supports, and/or explored...

How do I ensure rigor and high expectations for the whole student in blended/personalized learning classrooms?

Ensuring rigor and high expectations for diverse learners means more than just making sure they are able to achieve the same content goals, but also supporting them to reach social and emotional goals. This guide explores ways to address both of...

How can strategic staffing better serve diverse learners?

This guide will give you concrete resources, research, and insights on three different ways to revisit your current staffing models to better serve diverse learners, including reinventing the special education teacher role, creative hiring, and...