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Bellwether Policy Playbook for Personalized Learning

Bellwether Education Partners' playbook is designed to help state and local policymakers identify the policy changes needed to expand access to quality personalized learning in their states and communities, and to give them the tools to make those changes. Each of the 15 policy ideas, or “plays,” in this playbook provides background context on the challenges it is designed to address and the benefits it will produce, examples of places where similar policies have been implemented, and a discussion of the policy or implementation considerations that must be taken into account.

The playbook offers specific recommendations for addressing the three crucial ways in which policymakers can help fuel the growth of innovative approaches to personalized learning:

  • Build the supply of personalized learning models
  • Foster demand for personalized learning
  • Eliminate barriers to personalized learning

Bellwether stresses that bringing high-quality personalized learning to scale will require both removing barriers and addressing the underlying factors of demand and supply for personalized learning.