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COVID-19 Quick View: Remote/Hybrid Learning Guidance & Resources

Example: Helping Teammates at LPS Richmond

In this audio clip, you'll hear students discuss how they support each other in class.


Student: Try it. Yeah. But like the factor that are numbers you multiply to get the answer.
Teacher: I ask what was – what interest…
Student: Yes. Oh, I was trying to explain to him the greatest common factor, like how do you find the greatest common factor.
Student: See, I told you.
Teacher: How did you know he was working on that? Or how did he know you knew that?
Student: I'm already past this unit. So we have units and he's on Unit Three and I'm already finished with Unit Three.
Teacher: And how did you know she was already done with Unit Three?
Student: Because we're all in a group and we like – we basically know what unit we're in.
Teacher: You check in with each other?
Student: Yeah.
Student: Trying to help each other out.
Student: We usually first ask our peers that are close to us to see if they can help us. Today, I needed help on my writing task and I asked Daphne. She really helped out. I understood it.
Interviewer: How did you know she could give you the right help?
Student: I knew she could give it because she's more advanced in the unit than me. She's in unit five and I'm in unit three.
Interviewer: How do you know she's on unit five?
Student: Every time I grade her writing task I see what unit she's in and how she's working on it.