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Flowchart: Decide If You Are Ready to Measure Unfinished Learning in Your Context

Do you have standardized, numeric data from multiple times during each year that you want to measure? (e.g., iReady, SRI, DRA, or NWEA MAP)    If YES, keep going If NO, think about how you might be able to collect formative data to look at growth going forward.  Do you have the capacity to conduct this analysis?  YES, we have a data team or research partner who can collect, analyze, and interpret the data If NO, consider a smaller-scale effort. For example, some platforms have their own dashboards and pre-made reports that will provide an overview of student performance. You might also consider qualitative interviews to seek out stories of success.

This chart can be used to help determine if you have the necessary data to measure learner growth. Research or data teams can use the flowchart to self-assess and determine whether it is possible to measure unfinished learning or if a different approach might be more appropriate.