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How Pacing is Structured at Lindsay

Teacher Brandy Quintero explains how they use matrices built around the assumption of the average amount of time they expect a student need to complete at standard or skill.


Transcript: Brandy Quintero: the pacing matrix is set up with the idea of the average student, this is average, you know. And so you do have students who are going to take a little longer. And so when we set up the pacing guide, when we get to the end of the semester, there's some extra time, and that's either for like remediation that I had to do throughout, because I don't actually just wait to the end to do remediation. So like my Period Three that came in reading at an average third grade reading level, we're not done, we're still working on assignments. And so because I had to slow down, we had to remediate in the process. But like this group of kids that we just had after the presentation this last piece, they've had everything that they need from me. Like I've taught every lesson, not to say that they're totally perfect at it, but we're done. And so they're done before this other class, three weeks earlier than this other class.

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