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Math Personalized Learning Plan

Liberty Public School students in learning cafe classrooms use personalized plans to self-direct and pace their learning of math skills. Plans are organized against a continuum of math competency areas, and students work through a personalized plan for developing target skills associated with the intention. The plan asks students to:

  • Define in their own words what the skill is and means

  • Choose from a set of activities from a learning and practice playlists, including options to explore the skill through different modalities (videos, tutorials), try practice problems, self-assess again, play a “red card” to get immediate support from a teacher, or ask a friend

  • Apply the skill by making a video to explain it to others and then uploading it to SeeSaw (a learning management system)

  • Complete a mastery assessment online

  • Reflect on their learning, including identifying when and how they felt off track, strategies they used to get back on track, moments of engagement, and identifying means of engagement

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