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Monterey Peninsula: Students and Teachers Co-Design Process Pilot

Monterey Peninsula wanted to solve a problem in their district: “How might we increase flexibility and personalization to build a sense of belonging and connection within the context of our labor and policy constraints?” After seeking stakeholder input and brainstorming a range of options, the design team decided to pilot a process to engage students and teachers to design new systems for personalization and connection.

This pilot had several assumed benefits. It was a chance to make sure that those most impacted by teaching and learning – students and teachers – led the change. Bringing together students and teachers for this work created an early opportunity to build connections. Lastly, the design team was also excited to build a reusable process that could be replicated to drive similar changes in the future.

To start, the design team wrote a project plan that would help identify participants, prepare them to engage in a design thinking process, and help them focus their efforts. They identified two teachers, two administrators, and 12 students as participants. Then, the design team curated resources and created short training sessions to introduce the participants to the process and design principles. Finally, they created a timeline for participants and a process by which participants’ solutions could be integrated into the district’s broader approach to teaching and learning.

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