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COVID-19 Quick View: Remote/Hybrid Learning Guidance & Resources

Off-Pace Students at Lindsay

A student shares how they think about being off or on "pace" in class, and how they and others stay on track.


Transcript: Student: It's very apparent who's ahead and who's behind. We're all pretty open with that. Like I have some friends that will regularly tell me, "Oh, I'm behind in like physiology," or something. So it's pretty open as far as talking about it, and no one's really like ashamed about it. But what's really cool about this system is that everybody's responsible for their own learning, so you know that you need to pick up your pace. And it's very easy to get back on track. It's not like how it was in my other school whereas if you miss one day you're completely done. Here there are a lot of ways to get you back on track.