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Parent or Caregiver Return to School Survey

The goal of this survey, produced by ASU Prep Digital, is to help "recalibrate" teachers and students to help support students' learning and lower levels of frustration across the board. Returning to school successfully involves more than just making sure educators have all the right supplies and safety procedures in place. Understanding what elements of remote learning really worked for their students (e.g., flexibility, choice, time) will help teachers forge a stronger relationships with students and support their social-emotional needs.

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Mentor Teacher

Each student is paired with a mentor teacher, an adult at school who supports a handful of students socially, emotionally, and academically.

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Learning Coaches

Adults work closely with assigned students throughout the duration of their virtual learning experience to support them with planning, time...

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Virtual Teacher Office Hours

Teachers provide virtual office hours to support students with challenges, problems, or questions they may have outside of normally...