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Report: Effects of Professional Learning Opportunities on Learner Growth - Background Information Supporting the Three-Year TSL Grant

Lindsay Unified School District (LUSD) has made a commitment to ensuring that all learners have the very best learning experiences every day. Through its Strategic Design, the district has articulated a clear vision for personalized, performance-based learning for both children and adults. Consequently, LUSD began a personalized professional learning program for its learning facilitators and leaders that has been supported by a federal Teacher and School Leader (TSL) grant. Over the course of three academic years (2017-2020), learning facilitators and leaders in LUSD have participated in a range of professional learning opportunities designed to develop their capacity to implement the district’s vision of the Ideal Learning Experience.

To demonstrate and document how school systems can create high-quality, personalized, performance-based professional learning approaches for learning facilitators and leaders, The Learning Accelerator (TLA) has collaborated with the LUSD leadership team. As a result of this partnership, TLA has designed and implemented a comprehensive and ongoing research plan to analyze the effects of personalized professional learning and performance-based compensation on both learner achievement and adult competencies.

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