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Roots Director of Operations and Innovation Providing an Overview of Software Decision-Making at Roots

Roots Director of Operations and Innovation, Jill Tew, shares how the leadership team structures and approaches software decision-making.


Transcript: Jill Tew: the leadership team – so Eve, John, and myself – sat down late last week, actually, and went through the lists and I said, “Okay, here’s what we’ve got, here’s what we think it’s addressing – still true? Not true? How do we feel about how well this is doing? Are there any where you want me to go out and do some research on what else is out there for this goal or this learning objective?” So, it’s mostly anecdotal right now. I’m pushing – especially as the organization gets larger and we’re considering many more apps and have lots of more opinions about these things to kind of push to some objectivity a little bit more, maybe even going as far as do we want to put matches against – what success for this pilot looks like or what do we have to believe is true about that app I mentioned about – that allows kids to download books to read at home – what download rate do we have to see, or how do we have to weave this into our program to make sure it’s actually as effective as it can be so that we feel like it’s worth it?

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