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Roots Executive Director Discusses His Role

Roots ED and Founder, Jonathan Hanover, discussed his role and how he works with his co-leader to support the school model.


Transcript: Jon Hanover: So, it's definitely us working together. Jill's taken the lead on all of the tech stuff, and I've taken the lead on a lot of the kind of instructional and culture work. [...] For instance, when we built out those apps that interact with Google Calendar [...] Jill and I in a conference room trying to problem solve what it might look like. And kind of had this idea of, hey, why don't we use Google Calendar and build some apps around the API? And then Jill ran with it, and built out what we have, which is great. And then, I do more of the kind of, all right, what does our human capital want to look like? How do we think about defining roles and responsibilities for teachers in this new model? How's communication gonna work? What does rigorous competency-based instruction look like? How do we best leverage flexible groupings? That kind of stuff.

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