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Roots Executive Director Providing Overview of Staffing Model

Roots ED and Founder, Jonathan Hanover, explains how the school is staffed into content areas.


Transcript: Jon Hanover: so our staffing model is basically we have eight teachers who team-teach together for a group of about 100 kids that are multi-age, and that macro group is what we call a growth. And we split those eight teachers I think kind of horizontally and vertically in half. So half of those eight teachers are academic content teachers, half of them are Habits of Success teachers, so they focus on that academic content. And then within each of those teams half are lead teachers and half are teaching fellows. So in our Habits of Success team we have two lead Habits of Success coaches and two Habits of Success fellows. On the academic content team there's a lead humanities teacher, a humanities fellow, a lead STEAM teacher and a STEAM fellow.

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