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Student Choice of Assignments at LPS Richmond

Sophia Thomas, teacher, shares how she supports students in their self-paced learning by monitoring progress against goals in the dashboard and checking in on assignments as they work.


Transcript: Sophia Thomas: After our warm up, kids use their dashboard and where they were previously to identify what they want to focus on for the day. Generally, I encourage kids to move through the dashboard in a linear fashion. There are some students who don't do that. But most students actually do that. They'll identify at least two things that they want to work on. They'll put that on the to-do list. Then they have to go through the to-do list and move it over to the planner and make at least one of those items current. So that shows up on my teacher dashboard. That gives me an idea of what exactly the student is working on or is planning to work on in class that day. [...] Some students have this tendency to feel that the writing tasks are really hard. It's going to require me to stop and do a team check. I'm going to leave those until the end. A lot of times I'm able to catch up on that. I'm able to say I noticed you skipped this assignment. Talk to me about what's happening here. Why haven't you done this? Bring the assignment. Let's look at it together. Let me get a feeling of where you're at. Once we have that talk they recognize it's not as hard as I thought it was. So they'll go ahead and do it.

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