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Student Choice Over How to Demonstrate Mastery at Lindsay

A student explains how he decided to choose and execute against his own "level four" mastery demonstration.



Marco Lopez: She gave us an opportunity for a Level Four, but a Level Four seemed kind of – I didn't really like it. We do this thing called IXL and there's like lessons on there, and it teaches us different ways to use like colons and semicolons and stuff like that. So she told us that if we could use all them correctly and incorporate them in our writing, that it could be a Level Four for grammar. And so I did that, and she said that I did an excellent job in that. So I got a Level Four in grammar. And then on theme I also got a four for that with my essay.
Interviewer: So you did an assignment that was different from the original one assigned, but it's still totally showed that –
Student: Yeah, it still kind of referred the things it would have counted for.
Interviewer: You were excellent at all those learning targets?
Student: Yeah.

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