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Student Perspective: Working on Multiple Grade Levels at Lindsay

A student explains how she is able to tackle mastery of both ninth and tenth grade standards by using out of school time.



Student: I've been working on ninth and tenth grade. I do ninth grade in class and I do tenth grade by myself.
Interviewer: And how were you able to work on ninth and tenth grade? That's not something that every student does, right? How were you able to do that?
Student: Well, I use a Lindsay website. And it has all my assignments. Sometimes my teacher prints them out but most of the time I go online and search for everything I need.
Interviewer: Okay. And how are you able to actually do tenth grade English while you're doing ninth grade English?
Student: Well, I usually finish everything for ninth grade in class. Like homework, I don't really get it 'cause I finish it in class. So I just do everything else at home. With the tenth grade.

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