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Students' Choice in How to Use Personalized Learning Time at Lindsay

Brandy Quintero, a Lindsay teacher, explains how students sign up for Personalized Learning Time.


Transcript: Brandy Quintero: Is the PLT. So kids get to sign up. We have a flex time manager and they get to go in and see what their teachers are offering on Tuesday and Thursday for an hour-and-a-half at the end of the day, and they get to sign up to what class they want to go. If they don't sign up with a class, they get to go with Ms. Moore who's our in-school suspension/detention lady. So we're trying to teach them, "You do have to sign up for something. You can just say, 'Oh, there was nothing I needed.'" And then we have opportunities for kids who are on pace in all our classes and don't need that personalized learning time to get caught up for extra support. Some teachers are doing like woodwork, like creative stuff. One of the teachers, he's looking at maybe doing some like boxing stuff next year. So like just kind of fun things, because you're on pace, so it's not a whole elective course for it. But during that PLT time you can work on something else.

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