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COVID-19 Quick View: Remote/Hybrid Learning Guidance & Resources

Teacher Discusses Ability to Monitor Progress in Real Time at LPS Richmond

Students select a "to-do" at the beginning of each session, which shows up on the teacher dashboard. Sophia Thomas, teacher, explains how she monitors progress using this tool.


Transcript: Sophia Thomas: Once they hit to-do, it puts it on my teacher dashboard. I can see who has done it and who has not. I can call people out. If people actually didn't decide to put it on the to-do list but they want to work anyhow. I let them know it's important for me to have a sense of what's going on with them, where they're at. That's important information for me. I can use my planner to say I noticed you have not set up your to-do list yet. I need to know what you're working on. Go ahead and do that for me.