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Teacher Discusses Habits of Success Progress Monitoring at Roots

Roots teacher, Megan Miles, shares how growth on Habits of Success skills is monitored throughout the year.


Transcript: Megan Miles: About three – four times a year, the other coach and I sit down and we have what we call our habits of success. And so that's about – 20 different factors that we rank the kids on. So, like on a scale of one through four. And so, we can track their progress over the year. I mean, a lot of that is anecdotal and it's what we're seeing but we're also checking in with the teachers and getting a pretty good sense. I was like, very nervous about that anecdotal setup at first, but what I noticed especially is I'm doing one-on-ones is, I always ask kids what they want their goals to be. And then, we actually have the habits of success data worksheet that we pull up so kids can see sort of where they are for each of these – when you break them down to like, our power habits, it's about ten that the kids are looking through and seeing – and those sort of things like, - I follow directions the first time. I try even when it's hard. I care about other people in my community. Those kinds of values that we want to stress with them. And honestly, nine times out of ten, the thing that they tell me that they want to work on is the thing that they have like, the lowest score on. The thing that they feel really good about is something they have the highest scores on. So, it's actually interestingly been pretty aligned in this – like, as we're going through and talking to the kids about them.

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