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Teacher Discusses How She Uses Data to Monitor Progress at LPS Richmond

Navigate Math provides teachers with dashboards where they can see student progress. Sophia Thomas, teacher, shares how she uses this dashboard during class to monitor where each student is in their progress against objectives and units.


Transcript: Sophia Thomas: I use a teacher dash that has the information embedded by units. I can see how many students are still in unit three versus how many are in unit four. Who is in unit five? Who is ready to move on based on their percent completion? I can also see how students are doing on specific assessments. There's that data if I want to check out the assessment on equivalent fractions for all the kids who are in unit three. How are they doing on that quiz? I can do that as well. The planner that I was talking about gives me a sense of who's doing what? My homework list also gives me an idea. That's not embedded in the teacher dashboard. That's just an additional thing that I came up with. It also gives me a sense of what they are doing outside of school at this point in time. It's just a combination of all those things. All of that is actually online. It's embedded in the teacher dashboard.

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