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COVID-19 Quick View: Remote/Hybrid Learning Guidance & Resources

Teacher Discusses Schedule Coordination at Roots

Roots teacher, Mackenzie Wagner, discusses the structure of her school day


Transcript: Mackenzie Wagner: Our day is broken up into a lot of different parts, and so it's basically a matter of organizing those different parts of the day in your head. So, in the morning, it starts with morning circle and breakfast. And then after that, basically, the day is broken up into grove stations – so, flex time is what we call it, and then content rotations. So as a teacher, I know I always start with 45 minutes of flex rotations. And during that time, I'm always conferencing with kids. So that's the first chunk of my day. The next chunk is content. So, when you have the more – what you guys saw in there, the more typical like, about 25 kids, whole-group instruction, which then goes into another flex, and then another content. And the same thing repeats itself in the afternoon. So, it's basically just a matter of like, organizing the different types of instruction between like, small group one-on-one and whole-group throughout the day.