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Teacher Discusses Small Group Instruction at Roots

Roots teacher, Lecksy Wolk, explains the scheduling and sizing of small groups.


Transcript: Lecksy Wolk: But the other part of the day, for me, is small groups. So, I – I'm scheduled groups of kids based on very specific needs, based on data that I've collected on them in the past testing ground, or anecdotal throughout the day. I can pull groups with them. ... So, it's 15 minutes – is the length – the smallest group of time, and we have – so, a flex block is – sorry, 45 minutes. And, I have three small groups within that at 15 minutes. And kids between – I say my average group is probably like three kids. I'd say my smallest group is two; my biggest group is eight. But most of my groups are three or four.

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