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Teacher Use of Master Calendars at Roots

Roots teacher, Samantha Gambino, talks about how teachers use Google Calendar to schedule time with students.


Transcript: Samantha Gambino: all of us are able to just like, in Google Calendar – once every scholar has an e-mail address, like you would have that's connected to your calendar as a grown-up. And so, we can pull up just their calendar to see where they are for the entire day. So, if I particularly want to schedule a child for a reading small group, I can say okay, here's your master calendar where you should be for your small groups. Are you free during this time? And I can pull them there. There's also a teacher master calendar where we can pull up everywhere teachers are at all times. So if we need to conference quickly with Ms. Wagner or something about a literacy skill, I can go and find her calendar and find her, and see where she is.

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