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Using Data to Monitor Progress at Lindsay

Teacher Marla Earnest explains how Empower helps her manage her own class as well as see how other instructors are managing theirs.


Transcript: Marla Earnest: Since we started with Empower – we've used Educate for years, and Educate is a system where we could put in data. It was a little bit slow, very spreadsheet oriented. This is a much fuller picture of what a learner can do. And I can see not only the playlist that I'm giving them but as other learning facilitators are using the program I'm able to see what they're doing in their other classes, which is great for ELD because now there's much more cross-curricular. So within Empower I actually have attached both Write to Learn and IXL. So that data comes to me through Empower. It's not like I'm having to do outside data. It's very interactive. And so my data all goes to one place. The only one that I have to look at separately is their reading data, Reading Plus and Lexia, and DuoLingo. But I only have a few kids. I only have maybe 15 kids doing DuoLingo. So that one's pretty quick; maybe once a week I have to upload that data. Mostly with Reading Plus and Lexia I have it projected as the kids are reading. So I'm doing that in the moment.

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