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Benchmarking Progress with MAP Tests

Identifying student needs and growth with MAP Assessments


Students at Locust Grove take the NWEA Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Growth assessment in math, language usage, and science three times a year, benchmarking their mastery against nationally normed data. This adaptive assessment provides students and teachers rich data on student proficiency, including Lexile levels and specific skills that students have or have not mastered. By taking the assessment three times a year, students and teachers can set goals and track growth over time, connecting day-to-day tasks with longer-term learning goals to engage students.

Students and teachers reference MAP data regularly, in conjunction with other data points such as pretest and posttest data, to determine student mastery and growth areas. Teachers also adjust content for students, including Odysseyware, a program that integrates with MAP testing data. Learner Pathways for each student can also be modified based on MAP data.

Student Does

  • Takes the MAP assessment three times per year.
  • Sets growth goals with teachers.

Teacher Does

  • Analyzes data from MAP to inform personalized Learner Pathways and assigned online lessons.
  • Supports students in setting and tracking growth goals on MAP.

Technology Does

  • Administers online, adaptive MAP test.
  • Creates comprehensive, skill-focused reports for students and teachers.

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