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Color-Coding for Ease and Clarity

Offering visual clues to help students and teachers find the right thing at the right time.


Color-coding has always been an effective way to organize and easily find what you are looking for, and this is no different when teaching in the remote space. By color-coding and organizing activities, tasks, and other resources consistently, students and teachers are able to quickly access and understand where to find information and how.

Color-coding can be used to support both students and teachers alike:

  • Student Support:

By building a system with colors that students equate with different days (see Color-Coded Google Assignments), different parts of the assignment (see Weekly Checkpoint Document), or different resources (see Digital Notebooks), educators ensure students know what they may have missed, where they should look for information, and how to access the content whether they are participating in in-person learning, working remotely, or anything in between.

  • Teacher Support:

Color-coding notes also helps teachers to take a quick glance at their students’ notes remotely (via a program like GoGuardian) to ensure students are all at the same place, on task, and where they need to be when implementing assessments.

NOTE: To ensure access for all students, be sure to consider barriers students may face. If a learner has trouble seeing color, consider switching up a shape or creating another marker that does not rely upon color identification – which could even be the name of the color in parentheses.

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