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Creation and Use of Micro-Standards

Using more granular standards to better understand student progress


Roots has broken down grade-level standards to more discrete micro-standards. The standards correspond to Common Core Standards, but give them more insight into student progress and need. A Kindergarten Common Core Standard, for example, is to “count to 100 by ones and by tens.” Roots has broken this down to four micro standards that demonstrate different levels of progress:

  • Count to 20 by ones from any number
  • Count to 100 by ones from any number
  • Count to 100 by tens from any decade. Count down from any number up to 50.
  • Count to 120 by ones from any number and tens from any decade.

This allows teachers and students to get a better sense of where students are in their learning path, long before the end of year assessments, and adjust their paths accordingly.

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