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Creative Furnishings and Spaces

Special seats and places to offer choice and engage


West Belden has leveraged creativity to meet students’ unique learning needs within a traditional school building. They recognize that some modifications should be made for some learners, but that does not require all modifications to be made for all learners. Desks, tables, and chairs comprise the majority of student furniture, but special types of seating, work stations, and other unique furniture is available to all those that need it. To help meet their furnishing needs, West Belden enlisted the help of multiple vendors, including: 3 Oaks Group, Classroom Direct, and Hertz Furniture.

Student Does

  • Understands how they learn best, be it getting energy out by sitting on a bouncy chair, sharing a sofa with a close friend, or choosing a quiet corner to read and work quietly.

Teacher Does

  • Ensures the classroom has multiple types of furniture to meet student needs.
  • Allows students to choose their best work environment.
  • Reviews student progress to ensure that student’s choices are actually benefitting their learning.

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