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Formative Assessment Tool: Exit Tickets

Short, formative assessments to monitor student progress and inform instruction


In math, Valor teachers incorporate short (three- to five-minute) exit tickets at the end of every lesson to assess student mastery on a targeted skill. Exit tickets are meant to be quick, daily checks for understanding, and teachers aim to grade and return them to students by the following class. They are generally paper-based and include one multiple-choice and one open-response question.

Data from exit tickets informs instruction for the following day, as teachers may modify whole group or small group instruction based on how students perform. Based on the class average, teachers may decide to reteach a skill or incorporate it into other forms of practice, like a homework assignment or a ‘Do Now’ (a review-based activity that Valor students do during the first five minutes of every period). Often teachers will identify the most important exit ticket each week and spend additional time analyzing and planning based on its data.

Student Does

  • Completes exit ticket independently at the end of each lesson.

Teacher Does

  • Quickly reviews exit tickets at the end of each lesson and returns them to students the next day.
  • Adjusts instruction based on overall class mastery.

Technology Does

  • Administers exit tickets and gives immediate feedback (via Illuminate), only if the exit ticket is fully multiple-choice.

Strategy Resources

Sample Exit Ticket at Valor Collegiate Academies

Valor uses short, formative assessments to monitor student progress and inform instruction. Learn More