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Looking at Student Work Protocol

Structured review of student work to better understand how students approach assignments and determine additional supports


Approximately every two weeks, Valor teachers conduct a deep dive into how students are performing on a particular standard or skill. Teachers analyze responses on the most recent summative assessment given. Teachers look beyond right or wrong answers and closely examine student thinking as it is represented in their work.

To achieve this, teachers select a commonly missed standard or skill, as well as a representative sample of student work pertaining to this skill. For example, they may select three exemplars of work from students who are near the mastery threshold, three who are below it, and three above it. This method is more qualitative than quantitative but helps teachers better understand what is keeping students from mastering a certain skill or objective. This process is especially beneficial for students who are close to mastering a skill (ones who don’t have clear knowledge gaps) and helps teachers provide the right supports to help them achieve mastery.