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Mastery-based dashboards from MasteryTrack

Making data about student learning progress instantly available and useful


MasteryTrack is a software system that creates intuitive mastery-based dashboards to instantly display real-time student learning progress. Teachers can use any curriculum they choose and can change at any time while tracking students’ learning progress in one place. The unique architecture of the system enables it to be implemented very quickly and expanded rapidly across multiple courses. MasteryTrack comes pre-loaded with learning objectives for many courses as well as some automated assessments, saving significant time for teachers. And it offers advanced analytics to monitor and compare student learning progress over time.

A key objective of MasteryTrack is to clearly demonstrate how a comprehensive mastery-based dashboard system can be offered for free at national scale. Essential elements include:

  • specific and binary learning objectives
  • precise mastery thresholds
  • defined approaches for demonstrating and assessing mastery
  • clear displays of student learning progress

Student Does

  • Review their own dashboard to monitor learning progress and plan the next step in their learning
  • Take automated assessments (usually less than 5 minutes)

Teacher Does

  • Use data from the dashboard to guide mastery-based learning for each student
  • Diagnose results from automated assessments
  • Update data about student learning progress
  • Analyze and compare student learning progress over time

Technology Does

  • Creates mastery-based dashboards instantaneously
  • Provides automated assessments for some courses
  • Provides dashboards available to every student and teacher in the country
  • Prints mastery-based report cards
  • Enables advanced analytics to monitor and compare student learning progress over time

Strategy Resources

MasteryTrack Website

Website for MasteryTrack with more information about implementation. Learn More

Website Preview
Example Trackers

Here are some example spreadsheets, student scores, progress etc. taken from MasteryTrack Learn More