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Trailblazer's Professional Learning Communities

Weekly time to meet as a team and discuss student progress and needs


Trailblazer has created two one-hour blocks every other Friday morning for teachers to meet and discuss student progress. Specialist teachers (art, gym, etc.) host Opportunity Hour on Friday morning so teachers can meet with their teams in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). K-2 teams meet for one hour, then 3-5 teams meet during the second hour. Multi-grade teams (ex. K-2) will meet for the first thirty minutes to review student intervention data for students with specific needs (intervention, enrichment, etc.). Grade-level teams (ex. 2nd grade) will meet for the second thirty minutes and discuss various elements of designing learning and assessment.

Teacher Does

  • Reviews data from student progress reports, online programs, and assessments.
  • Inputs key data for students into the Trailblazer Primary Intervention Healthcheck for PLC.

  • Discusses learner outcomes, student needs, and other elements of student progress with teams.

  • Discusses common planning elements (e.g. scoring criteria).

Technology Does

  • Provides a common data document for teachers to populate and discuss, helping to determine student intervention needs.
  • Online programs and assessments (e.g. Dibels) provide data to aid discussion.

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