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Lovett Staffing Model

A flexible approach to staffing to maximize the number of adults in the classroom


Lovett works under a standard staffing model within Chicago Public Schools, which has been developed in partnership with the Chicago Teachers Union. However, in order to best meet the needs of students, Lovett has modified the flexible components of its staffing model. Lovett aims to have as many adults in classrooms as possible, especially in classes where more resources are needed (inclusion, etc.). Lovett is able to more flexibly apply the time of its special education teachers, as well as aides, to increase student access to adults in classrooms. Lovett formed a partnership with University of Illinois at Chicago, providing six student teachers for the year (approximately one per classroom).

Beyond simply providing access to more adult educators, Lovett modified its approach to finding the right type of educator. While their new approach has shown great rewards for students and teachers, it is hard work and a different approach than a traditional elementary school. In searching for new teachers to join the Lovett staff, Principal Haney is looking for certain skills and traits that will help them succeed. Among these skills, the most important are flexibility, collaboration, and communication.

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