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Student Self-Reporting Progress

Students provide progress updates to minimize teacher grading time


Students are responsible for reporting their progress within their learning agenda. The teacher will briefly review students’ learning agendas to view progress and can immediately see whether students are struggling or not. After a student makes their way through all of the learning objectives within a standard, they take a mastery quiz. The teacher grades the mastery quiz and, based on student performance, can determine whether the student is self-reporting their progress accurately. Student self-reporting has proven to be quite accurate, thanks in large part to the class culture focusing on growth and improvement.

Student Does

  • Crosses off a learning objective on their learning agenda after attaining the designated IXL Smart Score for mastery.
  • Takes mastery quiz after mastering all of the learning objectives within a standard.

Teacher Does

  • Briefly reviews student learning agendas to see who is progressing and who is struggling.
  • Assigns and grades mastery quiz after student has mastered all learning objectives within a standard.
  • Compares learning agenda progress to mastery quiz score to determine whether student is self-reporting correctly.

Technology Does

  • Tracks mastery of learning objectives through IXL Smart Score.
  • Provides a document where students can instantly share progress with teachers.

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