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Supporting Students with Learning Disabilities​​

Integrating school-wide personalized learning with special education Individualized Education Plans


Locust Grove’s approach to personalized learning helps support students with special education needs. Every student in the school uses Learner Pathways, and Learner Pathways for students with special education needs include their Individualized Education Plan (IEP) goals, in addition to their mastery goals. Assignments in their Learner Pathway aligned to IEP goals are also highlighted. Students with IEPs benefit from many components of the personalized learning model, including student choice of whom they work with, their performance tasks, and how they show mastery of content, among others.

Teachers at Locust Grove supporting students with special education needs can also make a variety of additional modifications to their instruction within the personalized model. Remediation is one type of modification, as teachers work with students to build basic skills that may not be aligned with a grade-level competency, but are necessary for students to master content. Students with special needs also have additional one-on-one time. Teachers aim to conference with students at least once a week (usually two-three times per week) to closely monitor progress and identify areas where students may be struggling. Other modifications can be seen throughout the school, though they are teacher and student specific.