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Supporting Student-Initiated Assessment

"Low-tech" system to prompt assessments without interrupting learning of group


Independent learning time, a core part of Pleasant View Elementary's instructional approach, is not without its challenges. As each student is working at their own pace, predicting when a student will need to be assessed is difficult. In order to meet individual needs while not disrupting instructional time, Pleasant View created a simple solution: students who are ready for an assessment will write their name and the title of the assessment on the board. The student can continue on to a new learning objective and, at the next break in instruction, the teacher checks the board and provides assessments to students who need them.

Student Does

  • Writes their name and the title of their assessment on the board when ready for assessment.
  • Continues working on their Personalized Learning Plans until the teacher has released the assessment to them.

Teacher Does

  • Reviews the assessment signup on the board in between instructional moments.
  • Releases assessment to students when appropriate.

Technology Does

  • Provides coursework the student can pursue independently while waiting to take the assessment.