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Virtual Oral Assessment

Providing students an authentic way to demonstrate mastery in a virtual environment


Virtual oral assessments provide a way for students to authentically demonstrate what they know and for teachers to accurately gauge a student’s mastery level in the remote learning space.

Typically, a virtual oral assessment:

  • Is 5-10 minutes long
  • Takes place in a 1:1 session held via video conferencing
  • Offers students the opportunity to answer a question verbally, while also receiving feedback and support if they get stuck

To prepare for the assessment, the student is provided with a study guide from which the teacher will pick a specific question or questions they will need to answer. The teacher will send out a calendar invite to each student with the question in the description. Students will then join a video call and participate in the assessment. Virtual oral assessments, in addition to assessing the students, are also a great way for teachers to develop stronger relationships with students by building in one-on-one time and offering a safe space to ask questions and receive targeted support.

Student Does

  • Answers the question(s) posed by the teacher and shares their thinking out loud
  • Shows their work if relevant for the question (e.g., solving a math problem)

Teacher Does

  • Develops assessment questions and rubrics
  • Schedules time to assess each student and sends out calendar invitations
  • Provides other students working remotely with work they should complete when they are not being assessed
  • Assesses the students and coaches them as needed

Technology Does

  • Provides a video platform to conduct a video meeting

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