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Virtual Rotation

Offering multiple hybrid learning experiences throughout the day


When designing remote, hybrid, and/or simultaneous learning experiences for students, one great way to engage students in a variety of learning activities is by implementing virtual rotations and/or centers, much like traditional centers and/or in-person station rotation. A virtual rotation should include 2+ different activities that students rotate through, as a pre-assigned small group, within a given time. Each rotation can last as short as 5 minutes and all the way to 30 minutes (or whatever the educator thinks matches the activity at hand). Activities can be anything from reading, small group instruction, collaborative time, independent work, etc. When implementing with simultaneous learners it is important to ensure:

  • Each group includes students who are in-person and remote

  • All activities can be accessed virtually so that students are engaging with the same learning experience at the same time

  • Analog materials being used are accessible to all students

  • Students have practiced and understand the expectations for each rotation

  • There is a set time and way for students to rejoin the whole class and/or ask for help

Some educators have also leveraged paraprofessionals and even parent volunteers when implementing virtual rotations with younger students in a hybrid setting because it allows for additional support and guidance when moving through the activities. By building strong structures, clear expectations, and concrete actions, educators are able to enable students with the opportunity to drive their own learning, complete a variety of tasks, get small group support, and connect with peers despite their physical location, all within one lesson.

Check out our additional guidance on breakout group roles and expectations for collaborative work rotations.

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