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Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Give students a chance to incorporate movement in an engaging way


Virtual scavenger hunts are a way for students to engage and move around while learning remotely. During the scavenger hunt:

  • The teacher provides a list of descriptions that students need to find corresponding items for (e.g., an apple for something red). For younger students and students who are learning English, it is advisable to accompany the text with visuals.
  • Students are given time to find as many items that match the description and return back to their cameras as quickly as possible.
  • When time is up, the teacher asks all students to display their items in front of the camera.
  • The teacher will then call on a few students to share more information about an item they brought back.

This activity provides an engaging way for students to incorporate movement into their remote learning time. This activity also encourages students to keep their camera on so they can better participate. These additional ideas can add rigor, fun, and competition to a virtual scavenger hunt:

  • Make descriptions related to vocabulary words that students are studying
  • Use these activities to help establish bonds between students by using prompts such as “bring an item that makes you happy”
  • Make it a competition and tally up points for each item a student or team brings back – or celebrate the student who brings all items back the fastest
  • Have students suggest their own prompts and descriptions

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